Friday, December 9, 2011

A chapter is complete...

I realized that it has been one year since my last post. Talk about procrastination! A lot has happened over the last 365 days.... a transatlantic move, travels, new school, new job, new house, new neighborhood, a new life really. Our life in Europe seems so distant now, as we have been sucked in to the highs and lows of suburbia. Gone are the cobblestone streets and boutiques, replaced by culdesacs and Target. There are aspects that I miss dearly from France (baguettes!) others things that are best left behind (constant struggle to communicate).

The three years in France were full of adventure. We left Virginia practically newlyweds and returned to the States as a family of 4. While in Europe, we were able to visit over 14 countries, conquering most "The Matlock Way", through food and drink. Our two beautiful daughters have French birth certificates. We lived in the middle of "Vieux Lille" (the old town) and experienced city life. One car was all we needed. Lifelong friendships were made with people from countries around the globe. Our French went from non existent to fairly functional. A new love of strong coffee and outdoor marches (markets) developed.

It is truly amazing at the speed in which three years passed. As I sit here trying to create closure to this blog, I cannot help but reflect on what I gained from our time among the French. It is impossible to sum it up in a tiny little blurb. I grew as a person, as a wife, as a mother. I realized that the more I traveled, the more there was to see. My culinary world was broadened and I found a deep love for food and somehow my palate became braver (bone marrow, escargot). Relationships can be created with anyone because we all have a need to belong and be loved, some are just trickier to cultivate. Through it all, God was faithful and provided for us more than I could have ever fathomed.

This next phase of life in New England contains its own story, another chance to be stretched and challenged. An oppurtunity to enjoy the four seasons, family, big cities, back country roads and English speakers!

Au Revoir France.

Salut to the next chapter in life...