Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Avoiding Reality

Back in France. Yep, that is where I am. After 3 weeks of traveling around in the States, I find myself back in France.
Coming back to my own house has been nicer than I thought. The quiet is definately welcome, as well as being surrounded by my own things and sleeping in my own bed. The piles of laundry and unpacking, however, are not a handosme sight... I will eventually get everything put away. Just give me one more day to recover from jet lag. How long can I use that excuse???

I have concluded that I am avoiding the reality of living in France. During the past few days of being home, I have done as little as possible to interact with the outside French world. If I dont see them, hear them, then I can still pretend that I am just living in an extension of the States. Oh, the glorious USA, how I miss thee. Today I ventured out to the military base an hour away to buy groceries.... We could only live on frozen corn, toast and couscous for so long. By choosing to buy my food at the American military grocer (commissary) I once again did not have to deal with any potential need to speak French.

How long can this last? Maybe tomorrow I will venture out, embrace the Frenchies and dive back into the reality that this is my home for 2 more years. Or maybe not. Denial will have to work for now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Spain Pictures

Here is a photo journey of The Cousins Trip 2009 (hopefully the first annual). It started in France, took a detour into Belgium and ended in Spain.

Heading out to the market with Andrea and Kristen. It happened to pour on us... typical day in Lille

The Boys in front of the Citadel (Max, Shane, Brian, Mike)


Gaudi's Park in Barcelona

Kayden's poopy pants on Brian's shirt.... too too funny. Our first tapa's restaurant in Barcelona. YUM

Gaudi's Apartment building roof top

Barcelona street

CANDY!!!! at the market in Barcelona... We let her have one of everything.

The view from the fort in Barcelona

Shane practicing his security guard moves

Look out world

Kayden and Brian enjoying appropriate sized beverages

Gorgeous fountains in Barcelona

The awesome fountain light show

The manny

Las Ramblas- one crazy street

La Sagrada Familia